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EEG Account: 5,907 GWh of Renewable Energy in August Sold for EUR 37.75 at Expenses of EUR 399.52 per MWh – EUR 540 Million Deficit

The four German Transmission System Operators have published their latest figures [1] of the EEG account for renewable energy transfer payments. In August 2013, the TSOs sold 5,907 GWh for almost EUR 223 million, i.e. at an average price of EUR 37.75/MWh. In the same period, they paid out close to EUR 2.36 billion to generators and for ancillary costs, meaning average expenses of 399.52/MWh (based only on the electricity sold by the TSOs, i.e. excluding direct marketing quantities). This lead to a deficit of about EUR 540 million for the month of August.

The TSOs are legally obliged to publish their monthly and yearly revenues and expenses for renewable energy transfer payments.

With the August figures, the EEG account is further dipping into the reds to EUR -2,288,235,803.11. While the monthly EEG balance account revealed a surplus of about EUR 421 million in January due to little wind and sun, the monthly balance has remained negative since May 2013: May EUR -118,215,545.75 , June EUR -369,056,472.05, July EUR -848,943,247.03, and August EUR -539,746,849.42.

The difference between July and August is due to less sunshine: In July solar energy contributed 4.817 GWh, while August only saw 3.785 GWh. Overall, the amount of renewable energy in August was almost identical to the May level of 5.906 GWh. In July the marketed quantity of renewable Energy amounted 6.973 GWh, compared to 5.907 GWh in June.

With regard to the average market value price of August and July, we saw a slight increase of EUR 1.17/MWh to EUR 37.75/MWh, slightly helping the deficit. In comparison, the June value of EUR 27.63/MWh was considerably lower.

The August generation 5,907 GWh was made up of 3,785 GWh solar, 1,532 GWh biomass, and only 323 GWh onshore wind. Offshore wind continued to be below the reporting level. This will eventually change due to the recent [2]and upcoming completions new offshore wind farms.


Source: EEG-KWK.net [1]

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