Cuxhaven Appeal: Planning Security for Offshore Wind Parks Requested


In the so-called Cuxhaven Appeal, several politicians, industrialists and trade unionists appealed to the federal government and highlighted the importance of offshore wind energy for the energy transition.

The appeal comes on the back of recent criticism in which offshore wind energy had been criticised due for its cost structure. It was signed by the Ministers of Economic Affairs of Lower-Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein, the Energy Minister of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the Senators for Economic Affairs of Hamburg and Bremen (all SPD), the mayor of Cuxhaven representing other mayors, the president of the Offshore-Windenergie Foundation, a representative from the IG Metall Küste trade union and others.

The signatories point out that offshore wind energy is decisive for meeting the environmental goals of the energy transition. As the whole production chain for wind energy plants lies within the country, promoting offshore wind energy does also ensure jobs and open up export opportunities.

Therefore the parties ask for a clear and long-sighted legislation, which is all the more important because of the long planning and construction periods in offshore energy generation. The acceleration model, which currently enables the offshore system operators to charge a higher tariff (19 ct/kWh) guaranteed for eight instead of 20 years, should be improved.

The Transmission System Operators are urged to keep their obligations and construct the planned grids. Otherwise, the Federal Government is requested to intervene.

The private wind energy sector is to intensify the construction of new wind energy plants.

Ultimately, the federal government is asked to finance a part of the new infrastructure of ports and dockyards. But the government’s main task is to establish a reliable legal framework for future investments. This has to consider the importance of continuous expansion and stable conditions to make offshore wind energy generation profitable.

Without new investments, job losses all over the production chain of wind energy are to be feared in the upcoming years.

Source: City of Hamburg

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