BNetzA Consultation on Allocation and Transfer of German Offshore Grid Connection Capacity

The Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) has asked for comments by 3 September 2013 on a key issues paper on the procedure for the allocation and transfer of offshore grid connection capacity. The procedure covers the new system for the allocation and reallocation grid connection capacity introduced by the 3rd amendment of the ManyElectronics Act (EnWG).

The of December 2012 brought a new legal regime for the connection of offshore wind farms to the transmission grid (cf. Sections 17 a to 17j). Under the previous system, an individual offshore wind farm project could trigger the need for the construction of a grid connection. The new system provides for staggered measures for a demand-oriented optimization, enhancement and expansion of the offshore grid connection in accordance with the newly introduced Offshore Grid Development Plan (O-NEP).

As part of the implementation of the O-NEP, BNetzA shall allocate capacity to offshore wind farms. BNetzA will also have the right to withdraw and reallocate unused capacity. Key statutory provisions for the new allocation and reallocation regime can be found in Section 17d para. 3. BNetzA was also given the competence to further specify the procedure for the allocation and reallocation (cf. 17d para. 5 sent. 1 no. 3).

In the key issues paper presented for consultation, BNetzA has outlined how it intends to address this issue. The agency pointed out that it did so, despite the fact that O-NEP 2013, the first of its kind, is itself still in the consultation process.

The key points comprise the following matters:

  • Allocation in a primary procedure involving a deadline (Stichtagsverfahren) and a procedure without a cutoff date (freies Verfahren)
  • Requirements for allocation of capacity
  • Supplementary conditions for the allocation decision (Nebenbestimmungen der Zuweisung)
  • Determination of capacity for allocation
  • Expected date of completion (voraussichtlicher Fertigstellungstermin) of the grid connection and the binding date of completeion (verbindlicher Fertigstellungstermin) in the sense of Sections 17d and 17e
  • Withdrawal and transfer of capacity

Source: Federal Network Agency

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