Biogas Monitoring Report 2013: Targets Difficult to Reach, Despite Strong Growth

According to the 2013 Biogas Monitoring Report presented from the Federal Network Agency, 108 biogas power plants fed 413 million m³ of biogas into the German gas grids in 2012, a 50% increase compared with 2011 (77 plants; 275 million m³). However, this represents only 6.9% of the target of feeding 6 billion minto the German gas grids by 2020 pursuant to Section 31 Gas Access Ordinance  (GasNVZ).

Compared with the target of feeding 10 billion m3  into the German natural gas grids by 2030, only 4.13% had been reached so far, the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) said. Even if one assumed linear growth of biogas power plants, the targets would probably be missed, the agency added.

Jochen Homann, president of BNetzA, once again pointed out the advantages of biogas as a green energy source which can be used irrespective of the time of generation whereever needed given the fact that it can be stored and transmitted.

The report is based on a survey among the operators of biogas power plants, gas grid operators and biogas traders. It contains information regarding the amount of biogas fed into the grids, the costs related thereto, the revenue obtained by the sale of biogas and the costs for the grids. According to the report, sales prices varied strongly, amounting on average to 7.02 ct/kWh (2011: 3.99 ct/kWh), while the average natural gas border price was 2.9 ct/kWh.

Source: Federal Network Agency

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