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TSO Renewable Energy Transfer Payments Increased in July, Adding to Deficit

On 6 August the four German Transmission System Operators published their latest figures regarding renewable energy transfer payments. In July 2013, the TSOs received EUR 1,831,497,864.24 for 6,687 GWh of electricity from renewable sources. In the same period, they paid out EUR 2,680,441,111.27 for feed-in tariffs, related premiums and certain transfers.

The figures are published on www.eeg-kwk.net [1]. The TSOs are legally obliged to publish their monthly and yearly revenues and expenses regarding renewable energy transfer payments.

The latest marketing results for renewable energy have also led to the account balancing the sales revenue and expenses dipping further into the reds. The monthly EEG balance account started in January with a surplus of  EUR 420,629,619.12. Since May 2013 the balance account is negative, with a new peak of EUR – 848,943,247.03 for July. Furthermore, as last year’s EEG surcharge did not cover all expenses, the account started into the year with a minus of EUR 2,691,166,648.46. Hence the current balance account in total is EUR – 1,748.488,953,69. Compared with the deficit in July 2012 (EUR – 1,145,542,614.71), this does not bode well for the EEG surcharge for 2014, which will be announced in October 2014 by the TSOs.

While the expenses for actual feed-in tariffs in July 2013 (EUR 2,109,118,507.96) were rather close to the July 2012 figures (EUR 2,019,078,299,08), the increase of expenses is mainly due to additional premium payments and costs for retrofitting for a more efficient use of solar plants.

Instead of receiving feed-in tariffs, operators of renewable energy plants can choose the market premium model. This means that they sell the energy on the market themselves and receive from the grid operator premiums, which consists of the amount between the market revenues and the feed-in tariff (market premium) and an additional management premium. This model was introduced in 2012. Since July 2012 the expenses for these premiums doubled, from EUR 271,573,161,76 in July 2012 to EUR 525,906,138.28 in July 2013.

The average marketing price for renewable energy in July was 36.58 EUR/MWh for 6,973 GWh, up from 27.63 EUR/MWh for 6,455 GWh in June. Out of the 6,973 GWh in July, PV contributed 4,817 GWh, with biomass being a distant second at 1,575 GWh. Wind contributed 276 GWh, the lowest so far this year.

Source: EEG-KWK.net (information on renewable energy sold at the EEX [2]; EEG account [3])

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