TSOs Present Second Draft of Offshore Grid Development Plan 2013

The four German transmission system operators (TSOs) have presented an update of the draft for the first Offshore Grid Development Plan (O-NEP 2013) following a consultation on O-NEP 2013 that resulted in 36 comments.

O-NEP 2013 provides information on all the measures and steps for an optimisation, enhancement and expansion of the offshore grids in the North and Baltic Sea, which in the opinion of the TSOs are needed to ensure a safe and reliable operation of the grids over the next ten years, giving also an outlook until 2033. It links offshore grid planning with onshore grid planning for which the TSOs presented the first draft of the Electricity Grid Development Plan (NEP 2013) in March.

The comments by 35 institutions and one private person regarding the first draft of O-NEP 2013 comprised questions relating to the timing of the proposed measures, the costs, the legal basis and the underlying data, the TSOs said. They pointed out that (the updated) O-NEP draft does not describe individual power line routes, but the measures suitable under the given the technical, economical and regional parameters to connect the expected offshore capacity to the onshore grids.

According to the updated draft and its lead scenario B 2023, 2,115 km of new power lines are needed (1th draft: 2,150 km):
  • 1,705 km (1,720 km) of DC grid connection systems (1,135 km (1,125 km) HVDC lines and 570 km (595 km) of AC connectors) in the North Sea, and
  • 410 km (430 km) of AC grid connection systems (350 km (370 km) AC power lines and 60 km of AC connectors) in the Baltic Sea.

The total capacity of the offshore grid required in 2023 amounts to 6.4 GW (no change compared with 1th draft), with

  • 5,4 GW in the North Sea, and
  • 1.0 GW in the Baltic Sea.

The investments required will be worth approximately EUR 22 billion, the TSOs said. This includes EUR 12 billion for the so-called “offshore starter grid” (Start-Offshorenetz). Again the amendments of the draft did not result in changes of the total estimated costs.

The TSOs handed over the second draft of O-NEP 2013 to the regulator, the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA). They announced to submit the second draft of NEP 2013 in July. BNetzA will review O-NEP 2013 and NEP-2013 before putting them up for consultation once again.

Source: Website Netzentwicklungsplan Strom press release, factsheet

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