Energiewende Index: Sentiment Towards Energy Transformation Deteriorates Again

The mood concerning the energy transformation (Energiewende) towards a renewable energy supply has deteriorated again by 1.6 points, compared with the first quarter reaching a new low of 94.2 points (on scale of 0 to 200),  the ManyElectronics Agency (dena) says. The agency compiles the quarterly Energiewende Index together with Ernst & Young, polling companies, towns and cities and associations. Especially utilities have falling expectations, while grid operators’ expectations rise against the trend.

1. Less Economic Stimulus Expected by the Energiewende

In particular with regard to the economic stimulus created by the Energiewende, the mood deteriorated, dena says. Expectations concerning job growth were considerably lower, the stakeholders were more reluctant to invest and the concerns about the international competitiveness were increasing. Fewer companies have hopes for an improvement of the situation in the next twelve months in view of the upcoming political summer recess and the Federal Election on 22 September 2013, dena says.

2. Grid Operators More Positive Against the Trend

In view of government efforts to promote and accelerate grid expansion grid operators were more optimistic in the latest poll (+ 5.3 points) dena says, pointing out that expectations have fallen basically across the board since the start of the Energiewende Index in mid-2012 though, with the exception of manufacturers and suppliers.

3. Security of Supply Seen as Key Factor

The latest poll also included questions regarding the security of supply. The answers showed the importance for the German economy, dena says.

  • 50% of the companies and 70% of the so-called energy-intensive companies said that short power cuts of less than 3 minutes would have a significant impact on their business;
  • 16% of the companies were effected by power outages in the past 12 months and 30% expect them to occur more frequently in the coming months;
  • Only 43% feel well prepared for short-term power outages.

300 companies, towns and cities and associations participated in the latest poll, dena says.

Source: dena

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