Parliament Clears Amendment of 26th BImSchV on Electromagnetic Fields

Parliament has cleared the way for an ordinance amending the 26th Ordinance Implementing the Federal Immission Control Act Concerning Electromagnetic Fields (26th BImSchV) and the Ordinance Concerning Electromagnetic Fields in the Telecommunications Sector (BEMFV). The ordinance shall improve protection and precautionary measures regarding health risks caused by electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields. It has considerable importance for the energy sector.

One important aspect for the electricity sector is an amendment of Section 4 26th BImSchV that provides for a ban on new overhead power lines in new corridors spanning residential housing. Besides the ordinance stipulates that electric and magnetic fields have to be minimised when grids are expanded (also by amending Section 4 26th BImSchV). Details for this minimisation shall be contained in a future administrative regulation (Verwaltungsvorschrift).

Furthermore, the ordinance will in the future not only cover high frequency and low frequency installations, but also direct current (DC) installations. Certain grandfathering rules apply (cf. Article 1, no. 10).

The ordinance will enter into force the day after its promulgation in the Federal Law Gazette.

Source: Bundestag (Parliament); Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety

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