Bundesrat Statement Regarding Nuclear Location Search Act

In its session last Friday the Bundesrat (Federal Council) welcomed the bill for a “Location Search Act” (Standortauswahlgesetz – StandAG), pointing out that it laid down a transparent selection process for finding a permanent nuclear waste disposal site by way of a national consensus. The Bundesrat also made a number of comments.

The Council demanded to stop transports of radioactive waste in particular to the existing interim storage site in Gorleben. Besides, the Bundesrat emphasised that nuclear waste should be stored in Germany, demanding a binding regime for the interim storage of the remaining casks for storage and transport of radioactive material (called “Castor” in German) that are presently stored abroad.

A first reading of the StandAG bill (ref. no. BT-Drs. 17/13471) in the Bundestag (Parliament) took place on 17 May 2013. The bill sets out the steps for an unbiased, “result-open” (ergebnisoffen) search and selection of a safe permanent storage location for nuclear waste. The selection process provides for a comprehensive involvement of the public and a dialogue with the parties concerned at each stage. The process shall end with a final decision by parliament on a permanent location for a nuclear waste disposal site, which shall be prepared by a pluralistic committee consisting of members of the German Federation and the federal states that is charged with clarifying key questions of the matter.

The bill shall be adopted before the summer break, the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) said in April.

Source: Bundesrat

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