Federal Government Allocates EUR 50 Million in New Funds for “Innovation Alliance Photovoltaic”

Since 2010 the Federal Government supports R&D by German photovoltaic companies, suppliers and research institutions through the “Innovationsallianz Photovoltaik”. A new support programme launched in May 2013 provides additional funds of EUR 50 million for projects of the German photovoltaics industry aimed at reducing manufacturing costs, achieving competitive advantages by cutting-edge technologies and tapping into new markets.

The programme is intended to help exploit locational advantages by sponsoring innovations concerning PV modules and plants as well as complexe system technology and solutions so as to promote the development of value-added chains comprising the solar industry and related services.

Namely projects in the following areas will be sponsored:

  • Integrated optimised central and decentralized energy supply systems for a cost-efficient generation of solar energy that take energy management and smart storage solutions into condersideration
  • Manufacturing concepts for an efficient and cost-effective production, i.e. new manufacturing techniques and PV production equipment
  • Improved quality PV modules that provide unique selling points

Details of the support programme can be found in the official notification issued by the competent federal ministries. Project details can be submitted to Projektträger Jülich (project manager Jülich) until 28 August 2013.

Source: Innovationsallianz Photovoltaik

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