Market for Energy-Efficiency Products Grows by 16% to EUR 146 Billion

The market for energy-efficiency products has grown by 16% to EUR 146 billion in 2012, the German business initiative for energy-efficiency (DENEFF) informed, presenting a new survey. Employment in the sector has risen by 10% to roughly 800,000 employees, DENEFF said.

Growth was mainly influenced by rising energy prices, new technologies and legal requirements. A lack of skilled employees and a reliable legal framework were the greatest challenge for companies, DENEFF said. The survey “Branchenmonitor Energieeffizienz 2013“ was based on data collected from 63 companies from various sectors ranging from mechanical engineering, consulting on energy-efficient building (Gebäudeenergieberatung), building materials, household appliances and banks as well as existing studies and statistics.

Regarding two recently published studies on the costs, benefits and results of energy-efficient renovations and a new research project on an energy-efficient factory (eta-Fabrik) sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics, please see the related posts below.

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