The Impact of Biogas Funding

By describing the tensions a planned biogas power plant have caused in a small village in the East Frisia (a region in the state of Schleswig-Holstein), the weekly magazine Der Spiegel exemplifies the consequences of the funding policy for energy generated from biogas/biomass.

While the young farmer, who is seeking a building permit for a biogas power plant, wants to secure a better future in view of declining prices for farm products, village inhabitants oppose his plans for fear of emissions. Environmental organizations like NABU warn against the development of monocultures and the negative consequences for the ground water due to higher amounts of fertilizers and other harmful substances.

Studies show that energy generated from biogas is not as environmentally friendly as originally assumed, Der Spiegel says. The new CDU/CSU and FDP government has already annouced to review biogas funding, the magazine adds.

Source: Der Spiegel

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