Government of Baden-Württemberg Adopts Climate Protection Act

The government of Baden-Württemberg has adopted a bill on climate protection, which contains ambitious greenhouse gas emission targets for 2020 and 2050. The bill shall be voted on by the state parliament before the summer recess, the government said.

Until 2020 greenhouse gas emissions shall be lowered by at least 25% compared with 1990 and by 90% until 2050. In addition to the Climate Protection Act an “Integrated Energy and Climate Protection Concept” is currently being drafted following voluntary participation by the public.

Baden-Württemberg’s Environment Minister Franz Untersteller called the climate protection goals “ambitious” and “surely not easy to reach”. Yet by making them law, the aim to minimise harmful greenhouse gas emissions had to be considered in all political and planning decisions as it was already the case for the protection of nature and species, the government pointed out.

Apart from the greenhouse gas reduction goals, the Climate Protection Act contains specific suggestions for implementation. To this end the “Integrated Energy and Climate Protection Concept”, which is in the making, will detail specific areas of action regarding energy savings and energy efficiency for various sectors like transport agriculture, industry and private households. It shall be passed by the government until the end of the year.

The Climate Protection Act also provides for an exemplary role of the public sector concerning climate protection and foresees a monitoring process of the progress regarding climate protection.

The government of Baden-Württemberg emphasised its role as a trendsetter concerning climate protection, pointing out that only the government of North Rhine-Westphalia had so far adopted a similar law.

Source: Baden-Württemberg

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