German Fuel Cell Specialist eZelleron GmbH Receives Venture Capital Financing

eZelleron GmbH, Dresden, was able to secure a first financing round for the further development of its protected fuel cell  technology. The German investor eCapital invests alongside Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen and Fraunhofer Venture. eCapital invests using its specialised cleantech fund (eCapital III). The volume of the venture capital financing is € 2,4m.

eZelleron develops and sells systems for mobile energy supply based on fuel cell technology. The fuel cells of eZelleron can be integrated in other systems or used as external charging devices. Hereby, the company is providing to its customers a highly efficient energy source. With very light cartridges (eg. lighters) it is possible to provide portable devices like laptops with energy permanently and independently from the mains supply.

In contrast to the rechargeable battery technology the eZelleron-technology provides energy totally indepently from the electricity network, without charging time, efficently and environmental friendly. Compared to its competitors the main advantage of the company’s technology is the ability to use besides hydrogen and instead of methanol also liquid gas like propan, butan, autogas or campinggas, which is available nearly everywhere. In addition these devices are lighter than conventional rechargeable battery devices and the customers do not need to take with them various batteries, chargers and travel adapters.

eZelleron’s technology is protected by a wide range of patents. The company cooperates with Fraunhofer Institut for Ceramic Technologies and Systems, Dresden, as strategic research partner.

The law firm ARQIS advised the investors in this venture capital financing.

Source: Venture Capital News – Majunke Consulting

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