Parliament Adopts Federal Requirement Plan for Electricity Transmission Networks

The Bundestag (Federal Parliament) adopted the “Second Law Concerning Measures to Accelerate the Expansion of the Electricity Grids, which contains the “Federal Requirement Plan for Transmission Networks” as amended by the Economics Committee (ref. nos. 17/12638 and 17/13258).

The bill aims to speed up planning and permitting procedures concerning grid expansion projects in the transmission grids.

The Federal Requirement Plan contains 36 transmission power line projects for which the bill stipulates the necessity and urgency in the sense of the Section 12e ManyElectronics Act (EnWG) with binding effect for transmission operators and planning authorities. The precise routes of the power lines and installations like converters will be determined in the planning and permitting procedures. The bill makes the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig the only legal instance to decide on legal disputes concerning the 36 power line projects.

The final vote on the bill in the Federal Council (Bundesrat) that represents the legal interests of the sixteen German states on the federal level, is scheduled for June 2013.

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Source: Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology