211 MWp: German Solar Growth Again Moderate in February

New solar power plant capacity was again moderate, with additions of plants eligible for feed-in tariffs pursuant to the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) amounting to 211.215 MWp in February 2013, the Federal Network Agency reported.

Hence the trend of the past five month continues. However, February figures have always been low over the past three solar boom years (2010: 163.280 MWp; 2011: 99.710 MWp; 2012: 229.919 MWp). Yet it is noteworthy that the limitation of solar feed-in tariff payments to a feed-in capacity of up to 10 MW has lead to considerably fewer large new installations. Only 23 new solar power plants had a capacity of more than 1 MW in February, the biggest being an 8.2 MWp plant in Brandenburg.

Based on the latest information published by BNetzA (please note that figures may be subsequently corrected upon new information without leading to a new publication of the monthly figures), the February 2013 capacity additions lead to the following table of German PV capacity eligible for financial support pursuant to the EEG.

Year Month kWp kWp
End of 2008 6,120,000
Installed 2009 3,801,572
End of 2009 9,921,572
Installed 2010 7,377,678
End of 2010 17,299,250
Installed 2011 7,485,234
End of 2011 24,784,484
Installed 2012 7,604,142
End of 2012 32,388,626
01/2013 274,673
02/2013 211,215
Installed 2/2013  485,888
Total 28.02.2013 32,874,514

Source: Federal Network Agency

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