CSU Retreat Kreuth: Proposal to Change Permitting and Feed-in Tariffs for Solar Power

Augsburger Allgemeine reported that the CSU regional group in its annual retreat in Kreuth will propose changing the permitting regime and reducing the feed-in tariff for solar power.

The CSU is one of the parties forming  the current German coalition government under chancellor Angela Merkel, and a review of the solar feed-in tariffs was part of the coalition agreement.  The Kreuth retreat is traditionally used to pre-discuss important political developments for the CSU.

According to the press reports, permits for freestanding facilities shall only be granted where the affected area has already been “severely burdened”, such as  fallow land, sealed ground, areas adjacent to commercial areas. There should be no competition with agricultural use.

The solar feed-in tariffs shall be reduced to avoid creating unjustified profits as module priced have come down cosiderably. An additional bonus shall be paid for solar power generated on roofs and used within the building, reducing the incentive to feed the solar power into the net for the high feed-in tariffs and buy electricty at the lower normal rates.

The call for a reduction of the solar feed-tariffs is in line with similar suggestions from others.  The desire to make permitting for solar parks more difficult and to reduce the area potentially available for solar parks is a new development.

Source: Augsburger Allgemeine

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