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275 MWp New Solar Capacity in January 2013

New solar power plant capacity has fallen for the fifth month in a row. Additions for plants eligible for feed-in tariffs pursuant to the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) amounted to 274.673 MWp in January 2013, the Federal Network Agency reported.

Though it may still be too early to speak of a lasting trend, the January figures seem to indicate that after three record years for new solar power plants (2012: 7,604 MWp; 2011: 7,485 MWp; 2010: 7,378 MWp) and various solar feed-in tariff cuts, solar growth is slowing down. The additions in January are below the figure for December 2012 (330.102 MWp) and much lower than the 516.582 MWp added in January 2012.

Yet 2010 [1] also only started with new capacity of 266.138 MWp and ended with a new record. Much will therefore depend on whether the renewed discussion [2] about an overhaul of the EEG and the feed-in tariff system will trigger more building activity to lock in the current feed-in tariffs (for the currently applicable rates, please click here [3]).

Based on the information published by BNetzA, the January 2013 capacity additions lead to the following table of German PV capacity eligible for financial support pursuant to the EEG.

Year Month kWp kWp
End of 2008 6,120,000
Installed 2009 3,801,572
End of 2009 9,921,572
Installed 2010 7,377,678
End of 2010 17,299,250
Installed 2011 7,485,234
End of 2011 24,784,484
Installed 2012 7,604,142
End of 2012 32,388,626
01/2013 274,673
Installed 1/2013 274,673
Total 31.01.2013 32.663,299

Source: Federal Network Agency [4]

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