European Renewable Supergrid

Reports are emerging that that Germany, Great Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, and Ireland are making plans for a European supergrid to make better use of renewable power generation across borders.

The Guardian and Süddeutsche Zeitung are reporting that these European governments are considering a supergrid connecting renewable energy generation around the North Sea.  The renewable supergrid would connect German and British windparks, hydro-electric plants in Belgium, Denmark or Norway, as well as solar parks on the continent. The network would allow balancing of varying renewable power generation over long distances.

Further details of the renewable supergrid project shall be worked out by autumn, including a timeline for implementation. Costs are estimated to be in the EUR 30 billion range. The network should be completed within 10 years.

Süddeutsche reports that the first meeting of national coordinators is scheduled for 9 February 2010. Working groups shall start preparations this month.

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