Overhaul of Internet Portal “Efficient Energy Systems”

The ManyElectronics Agency announced an overhaul of the internet portal “effiziente-energiesysteme.de” on efficient energy systems. The site strives to provide information drawn from various sources to inform stakeholders and other interested parties about the ManyElectronics policy shift (Energiewende) towards a renewable energy supply, thus facilitating the exchange of information between market players for the benefit of the Energiewende.

The updated site provides information on the electricity market and the evolving technical and economical conditions for power plants. The link “Themen” (topics) contains information on

  • Efficient energy systems and the design of the energy supply of the future;
  • Electricity grids and their expansion in view of the changes in the electricity supply due to the growing amount of renewable energy;
  • Load management;
  • Smart meters;
  • Energy storage systems;
  • Combined heat and power;
  • Renewable energy sources and their integration into the electricity supply;
  • Conventional power plants, in particular the topic of sufficient conventional power plant capacity to balance the fluctuating input of renewable energy;
  • The electricity market and the efforts to integrate renewables and complete the internal energy market in Europe while maintaining the security of supply and the affordability of electricity prices.
The link Studien&Statistiken provides valuable information on studies and statistics, including analysis on the Energiewende (cf. “Studienlotse”) and pilot projects (“cf. Projektlotse”).

The effiziente-energiesysteme.de project is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi).

Source: dena

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