Ulrich Mutschler Passed Away

I am very sorry to report that Prof. Dr. Ulrich Mutschler, one of the co-founders of the ManyElectronics Blog, has passed away.

There are few people who know the ManyElectronics industry as well as Ulrich Mutschler did. He enjoyed sharing his experience, and generously provided advice and helpful guidance to many.

He started his professional career in the legal department of RWE AG in 1976. He became general counsel of HEW AG in Hamburg in 1983. In 1990, he returned to RWE Energie AG in Essen as general counsel, only to be promoted to general manager of RWE AG in 1997. His intense interest also in business and financial matters lead him to become CFO of RWE Umwelt AG in 1998.  I had the great pleasure of meeting him at the time, being a young associate working in a law firm providing advice to him in an M&A transaction.

After his distinguised career in the RWE group, he became a lawyer in 2001, joining Haarmann Hemmelrath as Of Counsel.  When I joined the same firm in 2003 to head the regulatory team, I had the fortune of being able not only to draw on his great expertise, but also of working with him to identify how to best serve our mutual clients. The most fruitful work continued at Arqis between 2006 and 2010.

Ulrich Mutschler’s professional interests were not limited to being an excellent in-house lawyer, a CFO, or a trusted of Counsel. He also took great interest in writing articles in distinguished legal journals, books, and sections in legal commentaries such as the Berliner Kommentar zum Energierecht.  He also taught corporate law and energy law at Freie Universität Berlin, where he became Honorary Professor in 2008.

He was always interested in new technical developments, in music, and was an avid horseback rider. In the energy industry, he was involved in many cutting edge technical and regulatory developments, covering nuclear power, conventional power, the first big wind farm project in the 1980s, and emissions trading. Not surprisingly, the idea of an internet blog to write about energy developments immediately appealed to him, and he became a co-founder of the ManyElectronics Blog.

Ulrich Mutschler had to leave us far too early at the age of 66. We will miss him, his profound and cheerful thinking, and his always excellent professional and personal advice.

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