BNetzA Requests Amendments of First National Gas Grid Development Plan

The Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) concluded the consultation period for the first national gas grid development plan (NEP Gas 2012), which contains measures to optimise and enhance as well as expand the gas transmission grid and ensure the security of supply for period 2013 to 2022. The agency send letters requesting certain amendments of the draft NEP 2012 presented by the gas transmission system operators (gas TSOs).

NEP Gas 2012 comprises 32 projects with an investment volume of EUR 2.2 billion in total, mainly pipelines and compressors, which have to be built by the gas TSOs over the next ten years. In addition NEP Gas 2012 lists 15 projects worth approximately EUR 1 billion that have been deemed to exist in network modeling and which the gas TSOs will realise in the next years.

All 47 measures included in NEP Gas 2012 concern important pipeline projects linking northern to southern Germany as well as measures connecting new gas-fired power plants and storage facilities that shall improve the security of supply in southern Germany. As BNetzA’s report on the tense electricity grid situation in Germany in winter 2011/2012 showed, the difficult situation in the electricity grids last winter was compounded by an unexpected gas supply shortfall in February 2012 when Russia delivered less gas than usual during a cold spell. 

As a result of the consultation, BNetzA decided to conclude the NEP Gas 2012 procedure as speedily as possible. “We abstained from time-consuming network re-modeling in order to make NEP Gas 2012 binding as quickly as possible”, BNetzA’s president Jochen Homann explained. The findings of the consultation process will be taken into consideration for the national gas grid development plan (NEP Gas 2013), according to Mr Homann. The alternatives for network modeling comprising different capacity products for storage facilities, gas-fired power plants and distribution grid operators are therefore part of the scenario framewerk that is the basis for NEP Gas 2013. The scenario framework for NEP Gas 2013 was approved with certain modifications by BNetzA in October.

Source: BNetzA

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