BNetzA: Operating Reserve for Upcoming Winter

Various media sources reported that according to the president of the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) the grid operators had secured the critical operating reserve for the upcoming winter season.

Based on calculations of various scenarios, i.e. strong input of wind power or extended cold spells, a need for an additional operating reserve of 2,500 MW had been assessed, Jochen Homann, reportedly said. Eventually, an operating reserve capacity of 2,600 MW had been secured to ensure the energy supply even in critical situations. According to Mr Homann, roughly 1,000 MW will be provided by Austrian power plants.

If needed gas and coal-fired power plants located in Southern Germany, which are in cold reserve and shall be decommissioned some time in the future, shall be reactivated. According to Mr Homann transmission grid operators have to actively manage the grids much more often since Germany’s energy policy shift towards more intermittent renewable energy in 2011. “This costs money”, the magazine Focus quotes him. The transmission system operator 50Hertz alone expected costs of about EUR 200 million for interventions into the grids in the coming year, Focus says, pointing out that in 2010 costs had only amounted to EUR 40 million.

Pursuant to Section 13 ManyElectronics Act (EnWG) and Section 11 Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) transmission system operators may actively manage the input to their grids in cases of bottlenecks. Power plant operators who are required to adapt their input to the needs of the grids can under certain conditions claim a compensation.

Source: Focus Online

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