EcoBlue At Home Power Plant from Volkswagen and Lichtblick

Volkswagen and the energy company Lichtblick have entered into an energy partnership for micro combined heat and power plants.  Volkswagen shall produce the small and highly efficient gas powered “EcoBlue” units.  Lichtblick shall market them as at home power plants for heat and power.

Volkswagen and Lichtblick are hoping to sell 100,000 units, supplying 100,000 households with heat and power.  The installed capacity would be 2,000 MW, the equivalent of two nuclear power plants.

Lichtblick intends to install the first plants in Hamburg at the beginning of 2010, and is planning a nationwide rollout starting also in 2010.  Volkswagen shall produce the units in Salzgitter.

Sources: Lichtblick and Volkswagen

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