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Bundeswehr Opposition against Wind Turbines in Mecklenburg Western-Pommerania for Safety Reasons

The Wehrbereichsverwaltung Nord of the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) filed an objection against the construction of 40 wind turbines in Mecklenburg Western-Pommerania, most of them over 100 metres high, for reasons of military air safety, the regional public radio and television station NDR reported.

The Bundeswehr alleges that the wind turbines adversely affect the radar systems of the military airports in Trollenhagen and Rostock-Laage, NDR said. Changing the systems was apparently to expensive, the station added. According to NDR, the objections are directed against wind power turbines in nine areas designated in general as suitable for the erection of wind power plants (Windeignungsgebiete). The Bundeswehr had, however, offered talks, the radio and television station said.

The case highlights that the implementation of the German energy policy shift [1] towards a renewable energy supply can encounter various problems.

In view of the number of wind power turbines opposed, the energy expert of the Green party demanded that State Premier Erwin Sellering (SPD) entered into talks with the Bundeswehr and passed on their concerns and demands to the government in Berlin, NDR said. According to industry figures [2], wind power turbines with a capacity of approximately 1,700 MW were installed in Mecklenburg Western-Pommerania by the end of June 2012.

The head of the Social Democratic parliamentary group (SPD) pointed out that a conflict of interests between wind power projects and air safety also existed in other federal states of Germany. Hence, a pan-German solution was needed. He called on the government to come up with a solution, which was in line with the existing legislation.

Wind power projects often also threatened to interfere with civil aviation, NDR said. The station mentioned a case in which nine wind power turbines were only permitted under strict conditions concerning the use of the rotor blades. The blades must not reflect the radar beams beyond a certain angle.

Source: NDR [3]

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