BDEW: Expansion of Charging Stations for Electric Cars Making Good Progress

A survey amongst member companies showed that the expansion of charging stations for electric cars was making good progress, the Federal Association of the Energy and Water Industry (BDEW) announced. There was on average one public charging point for two electric cars, the association said.

According to the survey, there are charging stations in all the metropolitan areas and larger cities. For the 5.960 electric cars registered in mid-2012 2,821 public charging points existed in 491 cities and municipalities, BDEW said. The association demanded to create the necessary (legal) framework to maintain the expansion dynamics and make the considerable investments in the new technology worthwhile.

The electromobility showcase projects that were carried out with public funding provided the opportunity to test electromobility in all its aspects, BDEW said. However, applications for funding under the government schemes were so cumbersome that they often were not worth the effort for small and medium-sized companies. BDEW therefore suggested to simplify application procedures.

Source: BDEW

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