BNetzA Update of German Power Plant Capacity, New Build and Decommissioning Announcements

The Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) has made an updated list available on the internet showing German power plant capacity as of 12 September 2012.  In addition, BNetzA published a table listing power plants under construction and plants which the operators intend to close down.

Pursuant to the ManyElectronics Act, BNetzA is charged with monitoring the energy markets. The agency publishes regular monitoring reports and has in May this year reported on the tense electricity grid situation in Winter 2011/2012. The new data is based on the collection of data for the Monitoring Report 2012. Following the Fukushima nuclear disaster and Germany’s subsequent Energiewende, BNetzA also informed about German power plant capacity in September last year.

1. Power Plant List

The power plant list comprises power plants with a net capacity of at least 10 MW. It also contains power plants from Luxembourg, France, Switzerland and Austria, which feed into the German grids. Besides, the list includes power plants with a capacity smaller than 10 MW, which receive feed-in tariffs pursuant to the Renewable Energy Source Act (EEG). They are included in the total for the respective Federal German state in which they are located. Power plants with a capacity below 10 MW, which do not receive feed-in tariffs are not listed.

As of 12 September 2012 the power plant list contained plants with a net capacity of 172.4 GW, including 71.2 GW renewable power plants, 67.5 GW of which were elegible for feed-in tariffs under the EEG. For reasons of data protection the power plant list only gives information on the location of the plant, the energy used, the capacity and the voltage level. In addition, the Excel sheet also provides the following information:

– A list showing the capacities according to the energy use, which also shows the total capacities of plants in operation and plants that provide operating reserve capacity;

– A list showing capacity according to the different types of energy used in the Federal German states;

– A list informing about whether renewable energy is used or not

2. New Build and Decommissioning Announcements

In view of the importance for the security of supply, BNetzA also published the main information of power plants under construction with a capacity of at least 10 MW and decommissioning announcements made for plants until 2015. The list of plants does not contain information on run-of-river and storage power plants, photovoltaic plants and wind turbines.

According to BNetzA 10,575 MW of non-intermittent power plant capacity are currently under construction in Germany. The plants are expected to be completed by 2015. Conversely power plant operators plan to shut down 6,561 MW by 2015.

The above information shall be updated on a monthly basis, BNetzA pointed out.

Source: Federal Network Agency

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