GreenTech-Atlas 3.0: Environmental Technologies to Account for 20% of GDP in 2025

Environmental technologies will become increasingly important for the German GDP, accounting for approximately 20% in 2025, the new “GreenTech made in Germany 3.0” environmental technologies atlas predicts. It was compiled by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants on behalf of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Protection and Nuclear Safety (BMU).

Presently environmental technologies make up 11% of the German GDP. Internationally environmental technologies accounted for EUR 2,044 billion in 2011 and are expected to grow with an annual rate of more than 5%, generating EUR 4,400 billion in 2025.

German companies are well positioned and will be able to defend their market share of roughly 15% until 2025, BMU says. Small and medium-sized companies are the driving force of the greentech sector with a share of 90%. The sector will create up to one million new jobs until 2025, the authors of the GreenTech-Atlas 3.0 forecast.

The GreenTech-Atlas 3.0 identifies the following key areas for environmental technologies:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Sustainable water resources management
  • Clean energy and energy storage
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Resources and material efficiency
  • Recycling (Kreislaufwirtschaft).

The GreenTech-Atlas 3.o is available on CD in German and English. It contains an analysis of the environment technologies markets as well as a data base with information on 2,000 German Greentech compagnies.

Source: Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety


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