BNetzA: Average Electricity Interruption Rose Slightly in 2011

Despite Germany’s energy policy shift and the shut down of eight nuclear power plants in 2011 the security of the electricity supply remained high, the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) reported.

System interruptions in the electricity sector measured according to the System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) rose slightly from 14.90 minutes in 2010 to 15.31 minutes in 2011 and were still well below the average of 17.44 minutes in the period 2006 to 2010, BNetzA informed.

According to the ManyElectronics Act (Section 52) German electricity grid operators have to submit an annual report regarding the security of energy supply, stating the time, duration, extent and cause of interruptions, which occurred in the last calendar year. For 2011 the 864 grid operators reported 206,673 interruptions in 928 grids.

The SAIDI value, however, does not show all interruptions. It neither includes planned interruptions nor interruptions due to force majeure. Besides the interruption of the electricity supply has to last longer than three minutes. A strong increase in these short term interruptions has lately been criticised by the industry association for energy-intensive companies VIK, which claimed that 90% of all the interruptions affecting the industry were not recorded by BNetzA.

Source: Federal Network Agency

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  • Marathon Energy

    they shut down eight nuclear plants and are still ok for energy what the heck you’d think that shutting down that many would cripple them more than it did.

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