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Länder Consent for Nuclear Power Extension?

The German government is currently evaluating how much the operating time of the existing nuclear power plants shall be extended. As the ruling CDU/CSU and FDP coalition has lost its a majority in the Bundesrat (Federal Council) in the recent state elections, the question of whether this extension requires the consent of the Bundesrat has become more important.  Continue reading ‘Länder Consent for Nuclear Power Extension?’

Municipal Utilities in NRW to Compete with Major German Utilities?

The Minister of Economic Affairs of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Christa Thoben (CDU), wants to amend the Munipical Code (Gemeindeordnung) so as to allow municipal utilities to sell electricity and gas outside their present region and to hold shares in other utilities. Continue reading ‘Municipal Utilities in NRW to Compete with Major German Utilities?’

Some Thoughts on the European Supergrid for Renewable Energy

The plan of Germany, Great Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, and Ireland to build a European supergrid in the North Sea to make better use of renewable power generation across borders is attracting more and more attention. As good as the project sounds, there a many challenges ahead. Continue reading ‘Some Thoughts on the European Supergrid for Renewable Energy’

Thurn und Taxis Investment in 65 MW Solar Park near Straubing

One of Germany’s wealthiest families Thurn und Taxis reportedly intends to invest about EUR 115 million for the installation of a 65 MW solar plant located in Lower Bavaria.  Continue reading ‘Thurn und Taxis Investment in 65 MW Solar Park near Straubing’

Vattenfall’s Nuclear Liability in Germany: Some Background

Nuclear liability has newly become an issue, since Vattenfall’s CEO Lars G. Josefsson has been criticized for having created potential liabilty of the Swedish parent company for its German nuclear energy plants.  Continue reading ‘Vattenfall’s Nuclear Liability in Germany: Some Background’

Nuclear Energy Strategy Paper Leaked

The Green Party made available a nuclear energy strategy paper reportedly prepared for E.ON Kernkraft GmbH on how to positively influence the political and public debate in favour of nuclear energy. Continue reading ‘Nuclear Energy Strategy Paper Leaked’

E.ON Datteln Power Station Construction Stopped

A decision of the Higher Administrative Court (Oberverwaltungsgericht) in Münster has stopped construction work on the site. Continue reading ‘E.ON Datteln Power Station Construction Stopped’